Leaves 33

A splash of colour
spring’s detritus gathers
at the gutters


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7 Responses to Leaves 33

  1. sakaguchi yossi says:

    Marcus. It is wonderful hiku poem.
    Is this point contents springs and splash ?

    • alarmingman says:

      Yes, that’s right Yossi. The ‘splash’ is indeed connected to ‘spring.’ ‘Spring’s detritus’ means ‘the remains of spring,’ even though it is summer now, and the ‘splash’ has a double meaning – it refers to the colour of the leaves as well as the sound of water in the gutters (now that it’s the rainy season). Thank you for your kind words.

  2. sakaguchi yossi says:

    Good evening Marcus!
    I see…!
    I always become study English!

  3. sakaguchi yossi says:

    Think you Marcus.

  4. kalabalu says:

    return to soil
    and let men toil
    you will die but bloom again

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