Stray Cats 1

New Year’s eve
for stray cats just another
cold winter day


About alarmingman

Hovering somewhere between observation, words and action...
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5 Responses to Stray Cats 1

  1. Tanveer Rauf says:

    Happy new year alarmingman:) may you be blessed the year round with peace , love and harmony amen

  2. El Norto says:

    I like this one too! Might be because I love cats, and it reminds me of Basho.
    Also thanks for you comment! I somehow managed to delete it. :/

  3. Mike Powell says:

    There’s something about your posting that really grabbed me. Unlike most holidays that we celebrate, New Years Day marks only the passage of another increment of time, not the commemoration of a historical event or person. It reminds me a little of the feeling of the beginning of a 19th century French poem, “Thus, forever pushed on toward new shores, in the eternal night carried on without return, can we never throw out the anchor for a single day in the ocean of the ages?” Does your stray cat sense the passage of time or is he constantly living in the present moment, focused merely on survival? What about me? Your postings are short and often thought-provoking? Thanks, I need that kind of mental and soul-searching stimulation from time to time.

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