Cicada carcass
unearthed while gardening –
summer’s remnants


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4 Responses to Remnants

  1. leelotchka44 says:

    Please forgive me if this lengthy reply is out of order – I understand 🙂 but you might enjoy the little video with adoring cicadas…
    Everything is possible
    Inside the closet, the girl on her knees held her hands over her ears and told her breath to comfort her pounding heart. She knew she could never leave the closet.
    The next day she started the metamorphosis, turning herself into stone. The first layer around the heart was unpleasant; the anesthetizing part of stonification had to be meticulous. First she worked with the cold, and because she still took it personally, she almost died. But at one point she realized that as soon as she allowed the time aspect to dissolve, pain dissolved too.
    From this moment, the stonification went fast. It was just a decision really, to allow the heart to be encapsulated – so in three days there was no more girl, just a grey stone with a faint resemblance to a body.
    On the other side of the door was silence. It seemed that the life outside belonged to a past century – a past life – or maybe just a memory, or that she was dreaming it all up. It did not concern her.
    Inside the closet, she sensed herself becoming liquid. This was a surprise, but she liked it – there was a quaint patient quality about this transformation that she trusted. She had no control at all – and oh how sweet that was!
    Timelessness passed. The new body was forming, the mind no longer human. And one day she felt her chrysalis bursting. She saw a long and green and slender foot stretching out from the crack in the shell.
    She had become a grasshopper! She was exhilarated. She jumped upwards through the ventilation in the ceiling, and stood on the roof, looking down at the frog pond with the lotus flowers. How she loved that pond! – But as a grasshopper, she’d better be careful now …she flew down and sat on the side of the pond, smelling the lotus flowers. It filled her out completely; she started to sing in ecstasy. Her heart felt like bursting with love.
    She played for a while with her new musical abilities, and at one moment her love could not be contained any longer – she had to join with her tribe.
    No sooner than her longing had made itself known, she was there in the swarm of her kin. The red Poppies, the violet Lavender, the sweet air in the Village – she was home, joining the ecstatic choir.

    I enclose this cicada-video for you…

  2. leelotchka44 says:

    oh no. oh no. when I had posted that, it felt like intruding. So inappropriate. Shheesh. AND I see that I have posted that cicadas-video twice now – I blame on my almost non-existent short-term memory. Please delete the whole thing – it so does not belong here.

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