Woman 18

Absorbed in her phone,
she doesn’t notice the dove
above her head


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Hovering somewhere between observation, words and action...
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5 Responses to Woman 18

  1. smilingtoad says:

    Pugilistic thumbs
    Never fast enough
    Finally go numb

    Wonderful contemplative write. So many times have witnessed such scenes-

    Cubical life used to be a worry, now it seems some have wrapped the cubical all around themselves remaining walled-off where ever they go.

    A doleful and intriguing societal write. Very peaceful, and sad. Lovely!

  2. alarmingman says:

    I love your turn of phrase there – nice way to sum it up: the cubical life…

  3. snowbirdpress says:

    How often the world takes us away for this mystery of being…. Love this one.

  4. I can’t decide between beautiful or great, so I’m just going to say this haiku is awesome.

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