Dog 2

In the heat
the dog’s tail wags feebly;
a dying insect


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6 Responses to Dog 2

  1. snowbirdpress says:

    Very good. We’ve just been through a rough heat wave… and I have to tell you, you have to be in one to feel the full impact of this haiku… the dying insect all of a sudden feels like the dying wag of the dog’s tail.. and we lag along with them. 🙂

  2. alarmingman says:

    Thank you – while we’re not quite having a heat wave here in Japan, it’s very muggy as usual and the dogs really feel it. This dog was stretched out on the floor trying to wag it’s tail as I approached, but only managing some spasmodic jerks, like the dying insect…

  3. My dog is an expert at catching house moths before they eat my clothes, but she knows which insects are off limits – especially the buzzing black and yellow variety.
    I like that haiku of yours. It’s a wonderful sultry image.

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