Winter Collection

Dear readers,

I will be travelling to the Southern Hemisphere for Christmas and New Year, to catch up with my family. As this will disrupt the seasonal flow of my haikus, which have been tracking the seasons in Northern Hemisphere Japan, I have decided to post a collection of haikus I wrote last winter, before I started this blog; one for each day that I will be away. I’m hoping to pick up where I left off around the middle of January. I think the cyclic effect of doing this really fits in with the haiku ethic and it also gives you an opportunity to read some of my haikus in their original forms, without any titles.

(PS – we had an unusual amount of snow for this part of Japan last year)

Spa steam rises
to melt the snowflakes;
old friends meet

The snowflake tumbles,
kisses the wooden deck
and quickly dissolves

Snow sits on the rail;
a fat white caterpillar
waiting to tumble

The car slides through snow
in a wonderland of white;
a lost shark

Just when I thought
the sun was coming out –
more snow

White carpet treatment;
the crunch of boots on snow
in empty streets

Tracks in the snow –
past lives

Heavy snowfall heals
the open scars in the snow;
a car crawling past

Heavy snowfall;
The curve of tire tracks

abandoned in the snow;
frosted doughnuts

Fragile crystals
shattering in the sunlight;
melting snow

After the snowfall;
dirty mounds sit on the edge
of my hangover

Bubble bath
remnants of snow;
speckled black

On my way to work –
I fall into the same hole;
the snow hasn’t thawed

Bright New Year sun;
will she open the window
and let me in?

Farewell, my diary;
having written in you
I must destroy you
(After Basho)

At the shrine
my coins clatter in the box;
what should I pray for?

Above the big crowd
birds sing sweetly in the trees;
unheard and unknown

New Year crowds converge
trying to escape the rush;
cool wind on my ears

No longer busy;
the charity store counter
after New Year

Even now;
limp Christmas lights
hang from dead trees

A lavender strip
slices the sky at sunset;
buildings blink below

Power lines sing;
charcoal wings wheel past
an apricot evening sky

Seagulls at sunset
reflected in the river;
where is their home?

Coming of Age Day;
the sun is fading on
kimono-clad girls

Winter sunset;
golden Buddha eyes
peer through clouds

Peach tree –
a leafless silhouette
in the hazy sunlight

This blissful moment;
petals of camellia
scattered on the ground

In the distance;
a spiral of camellia
spearing my heart

Water drops falling –
children’s voices echo outside;
bath ripples widen

Even this warm bath
is one step closer to death;
my breath on water

Listen to the birds!
They sing of impermanence
and the rising sun

The needle and thread
weaving it’s way in an out;
sunlight on my back


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